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    World Cup 2014 song - Os Milhões Que Somos - Daniel Arruda feat. MC DiamonDog

    Lyrics, translated with the help of google translator from german to english - mistakes are not impossible - but there are subs in it, only the middle part isn't translated with subs:

    There are millions and millions / desperate hearts

    They wait for a ... Gooooal!

    They are captured by a cry: Gooooal!

    There are 22 millionaires / who run after a ball

    a .. Gooooal! to shoot

    There are millions, billions and billions

    Reais, dollars

    Sponsors who wish to alleviate our needs and pain

    With a ... Gooooal!

    But the people want more!

    They wants to live in peace!

    The people want safety!

    The people want change!

    The people will not get tired!

    They does not lose hope!

    They does not want charity!

    They does not lose the ball!

    Lights, Camera, Action! / After the whistle you're ready / When they cut down yourself, there's penalty and you're at the height / We request one, what we lack on the road, in the periphery / Permanent Emotions / Consciousness grows / It's Contagious / football grabs us, it is our passion / and the more they are against us, the further we go ahead / Open your eyes, brothers / FIFA grabs in our pockets / she wants to take us everything / bread and circuses, dance and TV / who Owns the World Cup? The FIFA? The people? / FIFA wants all / FIFA wants the whole cash / But we think one should win: Namely the Indian tribe of the Tupi!

    They are millions and millions ...

    They want more!

    They want to live in peace!

    They want security!

    They want change!

    They will not be tired!

    They do not lose hope!

    They do not want charity!

    They do not lose the ball!
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