This free VST plugin is an equalizer. The sound of this EQ will very much remind you of many classic analog designs. You get access to four bands of equalization with two shelving filters and two peaking filters, a design which matches that of many sought after high-end console equalizers. Many mix recipes are included as saved settings which can be loaded through your VST host.

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  • 64-bit internal processing resolution.
  • Lots of built in presets to get your mix jumpstarted.
  • Full automation support of all controls for VST compliant hosts (additional extensions for REAPER).
  • Sample accurate, zero-latency algorithm.
  • Non-clipping EQ filter. You can make the most radical boosts of any frequency and the equalizer will never clip. This free VST plugin will output accurate signals even above 0dB (if supported by your DAW). You can use the output level control of the EQ to bring it down for subsequent plugins or use your track fader. Either way, freeQueue will never add clipping distortion to your signal.
  • Works with 64-bit and 32-bit audio hosts running on 32-bit Windows OS or Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5, 10.6
  • Handles mono-to-mono and stereo-to-stereo I/O from your DAW.


  • Output -10dB to +10dB controls the global output level of the EQ plugin.

High Shelf

  • Frequency 5kHz to 15kHz high shelf cutoff frequency.
  • Gain -12dB to +12 dB adjustable gain.

Peaking bands

  • High Mid Frequency 1kHz to 11kHz center frequency.
  • Low Mid Frequency 100Hz to 1.1kHz center frequency.
  • Gain -12dB to +12 dB adjustable gain on each peaking band.

Low Shelf

  • Frequency 30Hz to 450Hz low shelf cutoff frequency.
  • Gain -12dB to +12 dB adjustable gain.