Hello everyone,

you might have seen that some threads in this forum do have stars on the right to the thread title.

If you are viewing a thread, above the first post, you will find a bar with some links on it, one of them being a Rate This Thread link. Using that link you can give a thread a rating from 1 - 5 stars.
A rating might be helpful for the autor of a song, so he has some kind of overview, how others like his song. Sometimes it can be motivating to get a good rating or it can be helpful to get a low rating to learn that there is still room for improvement, as we all enjoy to improve our music i suppose.

So i encourage you to make plenty of use of the thread rating, even if you are too lazy to write a reply or don't know what kind of feedback you could give. A rating is still better than no feedback at all, imho.

Kind regards,