Studio Hacks Round Up - Part 1

10-20-2016 08:00 AM

Since we featured the new Facebook page for sharing Studio Hacks the page has become very popular so we are going to run a series where we highlight a selection of the hacks from Studio Hacks.
Using Sugru And Lego Figures

In Podcast 239, Russ chose Sugru as his find of the week and here is a great tip on how to make Lego figures into cable holders. Sugru-er Andreas from Germany sent this tip to Sugru and it's blown their minds...
Who knew?! Sugru + LEGO minifigures are the perfect way to keep your cables organised and AWESOME! As sugru bonds to most materials, it means you can attach your minifigs anywhere you want — around your home, at your desk, in the car. Yep, just let that sink in…
Solution For Hi-Hat Bleed Into The Snare Mic

John Leader from Cavan, Ireland shared this hack. He had just finished tracking drums for a band where the hi-hat bleed was a particular problem for the snare, and came up with this very cheap and simple solution (along with a well placed mic to maximise rejection) which made all the difference for him and worked an absolute treat to reduce the hat bleed significantly.
How To Make Your Own Star Wars iLoks

Mike had some fun making some iLok Star Wars characters. I bought some cheap Stars Wars USB memory sticks and used the caps from those. Try and get them them where the memory stick is in the body. However if you get one where the memory stick comes out of the head then it isn’t too difficult to put the memory stick out of the head and then you are good to go.
Coffee And Cans?

Jonathan Lennerbrant sent this one into Studio Hacks... He says...
Perfect match! This table had the right dimensions to fit a headphone amplifier between the legs. No more long cables across the control room! I'm sure these things fit a little bit everywhere with some imagination..
Send Your Hacks to Studio Hack

If you have any hacks you would like to share then do post them on the Studio Hacks Facebook page and we will highlight a selection here.