Video - How To Customise Edit Lists To Conform Location WAV Files In EdiLoad

10-02-2016 01:51 PM

In this free tutorial, Mark Franken from Sounds In Sync demonstrates how to customise an edit list from a picture edit in EdiLoad v3.3.2 where the audio was taken from a camera mix track. As this camera audio doesn't contain any metadata to link it directly to the location WAV files, Mark modifies the slate and take information in the list to create WAV file names.
Have you been given an AAF where the location audio clips have been taken from the camera? Wondering how you can conform or link these clips to your multi-track location WAV files?
In this video Mark explains and demonstrates how EdiLoad can be used to modify different elements of an Edit List, either when imported from an EDL or AAF, so that each event in the list will link to the correct location WAV file.
This video shows how a clip name can be modified to become the WAV file name, but maybe you have a clip name that contains the WAV Sound Roll Name. Either way, the flexibility of the EdiLoad Column Transfer window allows you to modify this data so that it matches your WAV files.
If you havenít already seen it, check out our series on conforming and re-conforming and also Conforming (assembling) Location WAV Files with EdiLoad and Pro Tools for a full background on the process before watching the video above.