• Music and social networks

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ... Social networks for promotion

    Social networks are a great opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

    Here's an example what you could do:

    Create a Facebook page about you, your music or your band.
    Now you can link your Twitter account to your Facebook page, so if you make a tweet, it will automatically be posted on your Facebook page, even with a thumbnail.
    If you also have a website or a blog and you have added the tweet button there, you already have 3 sites linked.

    website/blog -> Twitter -> Facebook

    So the advantage is, you just post your news or link once and it automatically gets spread to 3 different sites in total, which is a pretty good timesaver.

    I don't know about Google+, but i am sure there is a way to put Google+ into the chain too.

    If the content you shared is being liked a lot, you can hope it goes viral. That means the other users of the social networks share and like your link again and again and it spreads like a virus.

    And you just had to push 1 button for that, remember?

    It is also a good idea to have a Youtube channel. If you don't have a video for your song, just put a picture with your name or a photo together with your music and upload it to Youtube.

    All the social networks have different users, so it is advisable to use as many of them as possible, if it doesn't cost too much time. A very importan point is, to link them all together. Youtube for example allows you to add URLs to your profile, so make sure to add your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and your website address there, so people have the chance to find you and become your fan.
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    1. theBadger's Avatar
      theBadger -
      Two mistakes to avoid when using social networks to promote your music...

      1) Avoid becoming a social network spammer...

      A few, well placed but personal messages can do more to promote your music than blanket posting the same recycled stuff everywhere. Remember, social media is about making social contacts. Take time to talk to people, listen to their interests before blasting them with "Listen to my song it is great!"

      2) Don't flame...

      If someone makes a critical comment about one of your songs you should do one of two things;
      • Ignore it.
      • Thank them for their interest.

      Do not be tempted to call them a 'know nothing *&^Łer!' this will not achieve anything.

      Courtesy and respect will get you far in the music business.

      See: Arizona Journalist Exacts Revenge on Spam-Slinging Musician