Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Bottle Rocket FX, Rabbit Ears Audio, Free Sounds From Sonniss, SoundBits

03-08-2015 10:00 AM

Cyborg Collection From Bottle Rocket FX

Bruce Buecket reached out to let us know he has just released a new library on his site Bottle Rocket FX called The Cyborg Collection. This library containing an array of sci-fi sound effects. Everything from simple droids to powerful plasma rifles and futuristic transformations. Check out the variety of robots, interfaces, weaponry, vehicles and spacecraft included in the collection. Recorded and edited completely at 96kHz, 24 bit and all files contain descriptive Soundminer metadata to help make your searches as easy as possible. The Cyborg Collection is priced at $55 for over 1400 files that comprise this 3.2GB library.

Bruce Bueckert created Bottle Rocket FX in 2010 as a royalty free sound effects library for use in professional audio productions such as film, television and games. Bruce works in Santa Monica, California as a mixer for Juice Studios where he has worked with clients such as Lexus, POM Wonderful, NFL Network, Teleflora Flowers, Wonderful Pistachios & CBS Magazine as well as working on L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption for Rockstar Games.
Steam Whistles From Rabbit Ears Audio

Michael Raphael has released another library, this one is entitled Steam Whistles. Although steam whistles emerged in the mid-19th century as a warning device, they quickly became the railway industry’s iconic sound. Some railways even cast their own whistles, branding the sound of their particular line. Steam Whistles features a variety of whistle types from North America including 3-chime, 6-chime, and single note hooters and there is even a bonus whistle from China. The whistles were recorded while the steam engine was stationary with no electrical system running. This means the whistle blows are completely isolated from any other train noise.

There are a variety of whistle blows for each engine, with different lengths as well as different perspectives for the same take enabling you to cut perspectives and get a perfect match. Coming in at over 8GB of 24 bit 192k files Steam Whistles is priced at $115.
Sonniss Celebrate Games Audio With Exclusive Discounts & Free Sounds

To celebrate the Games Developer Conference, Sonniss have got together with their suppliers to offer exclusive discounts on thousands of dollars worth of high-quality sound effects libraries for the next 30 days. What’s more you don’t have to be a GDC attendee to take advantage of these discounts. Check out the special sale page on the Sonniss site for more details.
In addition they have also put together over 10GB of free sounds in a special GDC free sound effects collection. However it is limited to 100 downloads a day, but if you have problems then you can reach out to Sonnis’s Tim McHugh for a special download link. Much more details on the great free offer on the special GDC free download page.
SoundBits Release 3 Libraries On A Musical Theme

Soundbits have just released three new libraries all with a musical theme and you can save 30% on these new collections by using the coupon filthy30 before the end of March.
The first is Filthy Rhythms contains 413 filthy, dirty, noisy, glitchy and circuit-bent 2-Bar-loops to spice up your tracks. Dirty Breakbeats, stuttering loops, distorted cycles and broken rhythms. It is designed to fit electronic music like EDM, Trap, Dubstep, HipHop and many others. But don’t rule it out for any experimental stuff.

The second and third are Filthy One Shots Volumes 1 & 2. Across the two volumes there are over 1.000 filthy, dirty, glitchy OneShot sounds to spice up your tracks. You will find noisy hats, dirty percussion sounds, devastated kicks and mutilated snare drums. The key thing is that everything far from clean.