Fab Dupont From PureMix Explains The I/O Setup Window In Pro Tools

03-04-2015 04:00 PM

Do you struggle to get your head around the I/O Setup window in Pro Tools then help is at hand from Fab Dupont and PureMix. So if you’re not quite sure what the Pro Tools I/O setup window does, how it affects your sessions, what does it do? Is it really useful? Then in this video, Fab Dupont will answer these questions (and more).
In under 25 minutes Fab will help you to understand the I/O Setup, explaining in detail what it does, and how to think about it in a simple way.
No more excuses for messy sessions, corrupted routing and weird inexplicable bus names, watch this video and become a true Pro Tools I/O Setup expert.
You can buy this video for $12.00 or access it along with all the great PureMix content with their All Access Pass for $269.99 which works out at $24.99 per month.