Quick Tip: Using Memory Locations In Pro Tools To Clean Up A Session

02-27-2015 06:01 PM

Sometimes when I work with big sessions with large track counts I like to structure them to make it easier to get a better overview of the session and I use memory locations to help me do that.
Find your guitar tracks (or any tracks you like) in the Edit window or Tracks section and select all guitar tracks by holding down the shift key and selecting them. Once selected, the track names will be in highlighted in the Edit window as above.
Navigate to the dropdown menu in the Track window and pick ‘show only selected tracks’.
Now all the other tracks in your session will be hidden in the Edit window, leaving just the guitar-tracks that you just selected showing.

Double tap the Enter key on the numpad section of your keyboard to create a new marker. Alternatively, press command +5 to open up the Memory Location window and choose ‘New Memory Location’ from the drop down menu.

Name the new Marker as ‘Guitars’ and make sure to check the Track Show/Hide option below.

Now go back to the Tracks window and select Show All Tracks from the drop down menu and create a new marker using the steps above. But this time we going to call the new marker ”All tracks”.

Now you should have two markers in the Memory Location window.

When selecting the marker ‘guitar’ all the other tracks will be hidden on the Edit window, and when you press ”All tracks” they all will be visible again. You can of course do this for as many markers as you like.