G-Technology Release G-Raid Drives Using Enterprise Class 6TB or 8TB Drives

02-26-2015 09:00 PM

Look at what the team spotted on the G-Technology stand at BVE yesterday. G-Tech have recently released two very interesting products, the G-RAID series with USB3 and twin Thunderbolt interfaces and their indestructible drives, the G-Drive ev RaW top right and G-Drive ev ATC top left.
G-RAID with Thunderbolt & USB3

These are 2 slot enclosures that come in two formats, USB3 only or USB3 and twin Thunderbolt. Add to that, they can supply them with 6TB or their new 8TB Enterprise hard drives means than you can have a lot of storage in a very small space. The Enterprise class drives, G-Tech supply are designed for 24/7 use in servers, where as they explained to us that normal drives are not necessary built for continuous use. One of the issues that can cause drives to fail is that the platters start to spin off centre as they get older and eventually the heads crash into the disk and that is the end of the drive. The G-Tech drives monitor and sense as the disk start to spin off centre and can correct for it, so increasing their usable life span. They can be configured at RAID 0,1 or JBOD and they explained these units come with a 5 year warranty and it just gets better.
Looking at the pricing and the 8TB Thunderbolt and USB3 unit comes in $800, the 12TB is priced at $1000 and the 16TB unit costs $1300. If you want the USB3 only version then knock of $200 each of those prices.
G-Drive ev RAW

The RAW drive is made of a durable lightweight compound which makes it lighter than a normal G-Drive, and then adding the rugged bumper means you have a portable lightweight drive that can survive a 1.5m drop onto carpeted concrete.
G-Drive ev ATC

ATC stands for All Terrain Case. So take a RAW drive and slide it into an ATC provides a watertight unit that will float if dropped into water and will survive a 2m drop onto carpeted concrete, which takes the concept of rugged drives to a whole new level.
More G-Tech Reviews And Test To Come

It was another one of those moments where the three of us on the team that went to check them out at BVE came away saying we wee seriously considering spending money on G-Tech products. So you can look forward to us putting these drives through their paces including us attempting to break them to see if G-Tech’s claims hold water.