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    Post The Amen Break’s Retroactive Fundraiser

    The Amen Break’s Retroactive Fundraiser

    02-25-2015 12:14 AM

    The Amen Break is a six second drum beat in the Winstons' song "Amen, Brother" performed by the late Gregory Cylvester "G. C." Coleman. Little did the members realize that this drum beat would be one of the most sampled loops - if not the most sampled drum beat - in history. However, the Winstons never have had much to show for their beat being sampled and never received any royalties. That is why DJ Martyn Webster, is trying to do right and pay respects to the surviving member of the Winstons for their legendary drum beat.
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    I like this idea!

    I guess you all know the drum break in the song "in the air tonight" from Phil Collins
    Do you think this was the first time you heard this drum break?
    Listen closer to this song at this timestamp or here
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