New Information On Avid Pro Tools Subscription Service

02-24-2015 10:15 AM

Community member Tom Scrivano has given us the heads up on this, when going through the Spring 2015 Sweetwater Directory on page 465, he found more information about the Avid Pro Tools Subscription Service. We have no more information than what is in this post.

We haven’t had this confirmed from Avid but Sweetwater is a large dealer, so are unlikely to have got it wrong, but we cannot be sure this is official Avid policy. Avid appear to be offering two licensing models - Perpetual and Software Subscription and thus is what they say…
Pro Tools Perpetual License

A Pro Tools Perpetual license and Pro Tools HD system comes with a 12 month support and upgrade plan. Not only does this provide upgrades for a year - far better than any amnesty deal out there - but also comes with access to 24 hour customer support and a wealth of additional resources. The plan is renewable on a yearly basis for a moderate fee, and if you decide not to renew, you keep your system and all the upgrades you already have.
Pro Tools Software Subscription Service

Available on a yearly or monthly basis, the Pro Tools Software Subscription Service allows Pro Tools users to pay as they go and only when they need access to Pro Tools. This plan includes upgrades and support, providing you with access to the latest features and capabilities. You can cancel the subscription if you don’t need Pro Tools for a period, and then start up again the next time you have a project. And if you’re an industry professional, then the subscription service offers unique benefits to you, allowing you to to claim an operational expense while lowering your capital expenditures.
Source: Sweeetwater Sound Spring Directory 2015