Waves Offer 1 Day Special On Kramer PIE Compressor For Just $29

02-23-2015 12:45 PM

For the next 24 hours you can go over to Waves and get their Kramer PIE Compressor for just $29 instead of the normal price of $200.
What Waves Say About The Kramer PIE Compressor

Developed in association with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, the PIE Compressor was precision-modeled on a vintage Pye compressor like the ones he used in historic sessions at London’s acclaimed Olympic Studios. A mainstay in esteemed British studios throughout the classic rock era, the original Pye processors are considered by many to be among of the best buss compressors of all time. The Waves PIE plugin features a meticulously modeled VU meter with superfast refresh rates that recreates the accuracy, sensitivity, and ballistic behavior of a physical analog meter.

  • Modeled compressor plugin
  • Based on a rare ’60s vintage Pye compressor
  • Compression and limiting modes
  • Auto-makeup gain
  • Developed in association with legendary producer / engineer Eddie Kramer
  • As used in London’s famed Olympic Studios
If this interests you, then don’t delay as the clock is ticking down…