A-Z Of Pro Tools - M Is For Master Fader And Mute

02-22-2015 05:50 PM


The first M this week is Mute. In this free video I demonstrate a useful trick for A/B-ing tracks using shift+S to toggle the mute buttons on selected tracks. This is really handy so be sure to check it out is you haven’t come across it before.
Master Fader

I’m never shy of discussing what is going on under the hood of Pro Tools and the first M on the list this week is the master fader. These crucial features of any Pro Tools session are often misunderstood by novices and all too often are missing altogether from sessions. As we shall see, 64 bit floating point environments like Pro Tools 11 are more forgiving than TDM systems ever were but clipping is still a bad thing and if you understand master faders you will manage your gain structure more effectively and maybe start using them in more places than just your main output.
To review the whys and hows of master faders read the Pro Tools Fundamentals articles I wrote on this last year Master Faders Part 1 Master Faders Part 2.