Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Signo SFX-Instruments, SoundBits, A Sound Effect, The Noise Bureau,

02-22-2015 11:00 AM

Signo SFX Instruments Are Back

After a series of problems SFX-Instruments are back and to celebrate their return they have introduced a Pterosaur SFX-Toolkit with 7 differnet instruments to help you create any flying monster you need. The instruments are…

  1. Vox - 61 growls and screams processed from a female voice.
  2. Wings - 176 different wing sounds.
  3. Surround Winds - 10 different surrounds winds with no birds or leaves.
  4. Infinite Whooshes - A looped whoosh sample assigned to a filter and controlled by the ModWheel.
  5. Ground Footsteps - 176 samples of ground footsteps.
  6. Foliage Footsteps - 176 samples of foliage footsteps.
  7. Easy Whooshes - contains variations of whooshes.

The normal price is $69.95 but with the 15% discount code of signo2015discount vaild until February 28th 2015, it will be $59.46.

Just Transitions Bundle From SoundBits

Saro Sahihi from SoundBits got intouch to tell me about a deall they are running on a Just Transitions Bundle. The bundle is made up of two collections Creepy Trailers and Sci Fi Movement.
Creepy Trailers is a composite collection of designed frightening Whooshes, creepy Transitions and haunting Movements to spice up your Trailers, Cut Scenes, Games and Movies from ancient fantasy to futuristic horror projects, you should be able to find the appropriate sound that brings out the goose bumps.

Sci Fi Movement is a composite collection of scifi whooshes, space ship pass bys, futuristic transitions, digital sweeps, power downs, power ups and digital stutters.

The good news is that you can get the bundle of these two libraries with 25% off until the end of February from SoundBits
The Noise Bureau

Steve Browell dropped us an email to let us know about some libraries he is produoing. Steve told us..
I have been specialising in recording cars over the last few years and get commissioned to record them for both games and film. Over that time I have managed to make a few recordings for myself and I am making them available at The Noise Bureau.
His first library is of a Jaguar F-Type 3.0 Liter 380Hp 6 Supercharged Soft top and includes multitrack onboard and external recordings. This was done in the south of England on a private race track hired specialy for the recording on a good weather day. +20 degrees with very little wind. The car was driven by a professional driver to achieve its maximum performance and diversity of sounds. The onboard recording consists of 8 tracks: a stereo interior; engine above (cylinder head); engine below (gearbox); air intake; stereo rear perspective exhaust. So this is a detailed multitrack library and is available from The Noise Bureau for £130. Two more libraries are in production, the Range Rover Vogue and the BMW I-3.

A Sound Effect

On their blog A Sound Effect has an interesting article on how the audio post production for Top Gear is handled from LucyJohnstone. Dd you know that Top Gear has an estimated 350 million views per week in 170 different countries.
Also on A Sound Effect their have been a number of new releases. The first one is called Telepathy from SkewSound. Created using only a 1975 Fender Telecaster through a 1975 Fender Princeton Reverb (and some effect wizardry), Telepathy is SkewSound’s first drone/mood library. Creator Steve Pardo paints an ethereal soundscape in this collection of eleven unique pieces. Telepathy will set an ominous, otherworldly mood to whatever you are creating, and we’ve included stems to some of the tracks so you can re-work to your heart’s content. It’s up to you with SkewSound’s Telepathy library.

Next is New York Ambiences which is a collection of interior and exterior ambience recordings made in New York, spanning streets and museums, subways and the Staten Island Ferry. Over three hours of urban ambiences recorded using a stereo pair of DPA 4060 omni mics. The library contains different perspectives of the city including crowded and empty subway trains, distinctively dynamic New York traffic and the quiet and loud sides of New York’s museums. The library will help you build exciting and bold backgrounds for any project, whether it be film, TV, radio or games.

Finally A Sound Effect have Pony Vox. Sammy is a 33-year old shetland pony living out his retirement surrounded by vineyards in the south of France. He loves his food and at 5pm everyday he lets you know, as you can hear. When he sees a bucket of food in hand he gives off a single whinny, followed by many nickers.