Pro Tools Tutorial - Align Vocals Using Elastic Audio And Warp View

02-19-2015 11:07 AM

In this Pro Tools tutorial Russ shows how to use a feature in Pro Tools to ‘Warp Audio’ which is part of the Pro Tools Elastic Audio settings. Warp view allows the user to move audio around using warp markers and points.
He also shows some tricks to make the process easier and to get separate vocals in time with one another.
In Warp view, you can manually “time warp” (TCE) audio to correct or adjust the timing of a performance, or create special effects. In Warp view, you can add, move, and delete Warp mark- ers. Warp markers are used to fix a specific point in the audio (typically a detected transient event) to a specific point in the Timeline. In this way, you can apply detailed and nuanced “warping” (TCE) of audio events.