G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage Review From Production Expert

02-16-2015 05:56 AM

Russ got his hands on the G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage and put it through its paces for Production Expert.
He writes;
As editor of Pro Tools Expert and weekly contributor to the Pro Tools Expert podcast there’s a question I’ve seen asked again and again, should one chose a desktop or portable hard drive?
Desktop hard drives normally offer faster speed and greater capacity, whereas portable drives offer the flexibility of being able to throw them into a bag for a studio session or a gig. The best of both worlds would be nice.
G-Technology have come to the rescue with a combination of both desktop Thunderbolt drive and 2 x 1TB 7200rpm portable drives, they call it the G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage.
Of course with any product that aims to meet a number of needs there is the danger of compromise, being a jack of all trades and rather than a master of one. Have G-Tech fallen into this trap or have they managed to deliver on a mixed set of needs?
Check out his G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage review Production Expert to see his conclusions.