TC Electronic LM2 Hardware True Peak Limiter & Loudness Meter For Live Broadcasting

02-11-2015 02:01 PM

In my loudness training courses I stress the need for true peak limiting and in audio post production there are a number of plug-ins available, However for live broadcasting the options for a hardware solution are more limited.
True Peak Limiter

It is great to see that TC Electronic have seen this gap in the market as their LM2 is not only a hardware loudness meter and a true peak limiter based on the same algorithm as their Brickwall 2 Limiter. It even features 5 dedicated limiter profiles tailored for specific types of content.
The LM2 will connect to any mixing desk via AES, ADAT, SPDIF, TOS or analog inputs and outputs. It could even double as a format converter.
It is also a stereo loudness meter compliant with all major broadcast standards and offers detailed 24/7 logging for documentation and evaluation. Oh, and as an extra bonus, they also include the LM2n native Stereo Loudness Radar Meter plug-in worth $149 with each LM2 hardware unit.
30% Discount For A Limited Period

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Until June 30th 2015 TC Electronic through their sales team and dealer network are offering a 30% discount on the LM2 so if you are looking to make sure your studio will be compliant with the appropriate loudness delivery specifications like EBU R128 in Europe or ATSC A/85 in US and Canada then take a look at the LM2.
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