Exponential Audio Reveal Their New Product Excalibur - A Multi-Effects Plug-in

02-09-2015 05:07 PM

Over recent weeks the team at Exponential Audio have been teasing us about a new product and asking what we think it might be or what we would like it to be.
Excalibur Is Here

Today they have ended the speculation and announced that their latest plug-in is an multi-effects unit called Excalibur.
In chatting to the Exponential team they have told us that during development their testers and previewers have compared Excalibur to many classic studio effects units, but why don’t you decide which ones when you hear it? They love the idea of emulation, but they wanted to take that and build on it, adding all the things you could have never have done with the original hardware units. Trusted industry professionals who have previewed Excalibur told us….

  • An audio processing Swiss Army knife.
  • Multi effects box of days past.
  • The most extensive Multi-FX, all- in-one plug-in available.
  • A Sound designers multi-FX unit.
What Does Excalibur Do?

When Will Excalibur Be Available?

Excalibur will be available in Spring 2015. For now, rest assured that Excalibur is in the hands of testers who have already used it in music and television projects.
How much Does Excalibur Cost?

$199 but watch out for special introductory pricing.