Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Tim Nielsen; Sonic Salute; A Sound Effect; SoundMorph; Chuck Russom

02-08-2015 11:00 AM

This week I would like to start with a great deal on a great bundle of 3 sound effects libraries from Tim Nielsen, who has worked on so many films at the legendary Skywalker Sound. Tim has teamed up with Mikkel Nielsen at Sonic Salute to release sounds that is has collected over the years.
Unique Sound Effects Bundle From Tim Nielsen £79 - 22% Discount

I first came across Tim Nielsen’s sound effects libraries shortly before he made them his Find Of The Week on Podcast 142. What caught my ear was that all of Tim’s libraries bridge the divide between sound effects, sound design and music composition, so whatever you do check these out, as they make get your creative juices going. Watch My video review to hear for yourself.
If you would like to take advantage of the special offer then you can find it on our Deals Page where you can also hear more samples from these unique collections.
Raptus - A New SFX Library That Distorts The Sound Of The Real world

Italian sound designer Alessandro Romeo has just launched his first release, Raptus which a cinematic SFX library that merges the sounds of the real world with some serious processing. Alessandro told us…
I love contaminations, shifting concepts, blending sounds coming from different sound fields. Sounds that are really time-consuming to produce, dedicated to sound designers, trailer editors, film composers, electronic musicians in need of high quality sounds with an out-of-the-box approach.
The library is divided into 4 folders and two sections

  1. The ‘Mutilated drums’ and ‘Distorted impact’ folders are dedicated to cinematic distortions of drums and impacts, crunked-feeling & saturated percussion + a selection of accents of different types and weight.
  2. The ‘Textures’ and ‘Synth Shifter’ folders are the harmonic textures section of the library.

You can get Raptus from A Sound Effect for just $21

Modular UI - The New User Interface Sound Effects Library From SoundMorph & Richard Devine

SoundMorph has just launched Modular UI, an exciting collaboration with renowned sound designer and musician Richard Devine. It’s exclusively built on sounds from Devine’s unique collection of modular synths. SoundMorph’s Jason Cushing explains…
The idea behind Modular UI was to create a new set of User Interface sounds utilizing modular Euroracks. We were interested in this from a sonic stand point, artistic standpoint, and also financially, since the kind of setup that Richard Devine has is quite time consuming to create and also quite expensive! So we saw a value for customers being able to purchase a library made from this gear.

Some Of The UI Sounds Featured In The Library
Calculations and Text • Data Crunching • Data Micro Calculations • FM Confirm Tones • FM Hybrid Gestures • FM Solo Bleeps • Hologram Pad • Micro Gestures • Modular random generations • Solo Beeps • Subtle Hi Tech Modular • Text Typing • 5Gb of Modular Source Recordings • Price $99.

Chuck Russom Beeps: Volume 2

Since its release in 2011, Beeps has been one of Chuck’s most popular sound libraries. So in good Hollywood fashion, Chuck has released the sequel Beeps: Volume 2. This features 250 all-new designed hi tech beeps and interface sounds including confirmation tones, error tones, menu navigation tones, and interface transition sounds.
Everything you need for your game menus, sci fi projects, computer interface screens, or other hi tech equipment. Beeps: Volume 2 cost $35 and is also available bundled with the original Beeps Sound Library for just $55