Pro Tools Tip: 10 Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts I Use All The Time

02-06-2015 02:01 PM

If you want to be fast on Pro Tools then you need to know the keyboard shortcuts, no Ninja ever used a mouse. Here are my most used ones, what are yours?
Top Ten Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Command + Shift + N - Brings up the new track dialogue.
  2. Command + E - Puts an edit in a track. If you are using the selector tool that’s a simple cut, if you’ve marked a region then it separates the whole region.
  3. Command + D - Duplicates the selected region. I know there’s a loop option, but I just find this quicker.
  4. Alt (Mac) Option (PC) - Applies the command to every track in items such as inputs and outputs. Or when applying a new insert or muting an insert. It also puts faders and pots back to their default position.
  5. Command + F - Fades dialogue. At the end of a region this opens a simple fade, across an edit then the crossfade.
  6. Command + G - Create group. Select a bunch of tracks and then hit Command G - this gives you the groups dialogue. Great for drums, vocals, guitars and any other group you might want in your session. However it does not bring up the Beatles when pressed.
  7. Shift + R - Record arms the selected track.
  8. Command + = - Switches between the MIX and EDIT windows.
  9. Command + U - Strip silence dialogue
  10. Command + Z - Undo, my personal favourite.

Become A Pro Tools Ninja

There are a couple of great ways to get on top of Pro Tools shorcuts.
Visit this site with keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools, it was developed by Dennis who runs Logic Pro Expert.
Grab an Editors Keys Pro Tools keyboard so you have them in front of you.
Favourite Pro Tools Shortcuts

What shortcuts can you not live without… spill the beans!