iZotope RX4 Matching Audio From Different Sound Sources Free Tutorial

02-03-2015 11:09 AM

In this video ‘Mr RX It’ - Mike Thornton shows how you can use iZotope RX4 to match the audio from the voiceover commentary and a section of actuality in a documentary.
Mike starts by taking the clips across from Pro Tools into the standalone RX 4 application using the RX Connect plug-in, added in RX4, before starting with the new feature in RX4 Advanced, to match the eq of the actuality to the voiceover. Next Mike uses Clip Gain, another new feature in RX4, to even out the level differences in the clip, before using Spectral Repair to reduce the wind noise. Then Mike runs the clip though the Dialog Denoiser module, which is now included in RX4. Finally Mike uses the RX Connect plug-in to bring the processed clip back into the timeline in the Pro Tools session.
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