Winner Of A Pair Of Dynaudio BM Compacts And BM9S II Sub Woofer Competition

02-02-2015 06:00 PM

Over 4000 community members entered our competition to win a Dynaudio active monitoring system consisting of a pair of BM Compacts and a BM9S II sub.
Only One Winner

The lucky person, drawn out of a hat to win this great prize, is Erik Karlsson from Sweden. After he had recovered from the shock Erik told us…
I’m a former music production student at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. I graduated in summer 2013 and have been working on a couple of different projects since then.
Right now I’m recording my first full album mainly as engineer and I’m also teaching some classes in music production at my former Upper High School. On top of that I am continuing my studies to become a music teacher for teenagers ages 16-19. These speakers will be a great upgrade for my rig, I’ve been looking to upgrade my speaker system for a while but on a tight student budget it’s tough. This was a truly pleasant surprise, thanks Pro Tools Expert and Dynaudio!
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Recently Mike became aware that his BBC monitors were not as good as they once where. The LS3/5a speakers were a standard in broadcast here in the UK along with a number of BBC designed speakers and he wanted to retain that pedigree. More recently some of the Dynaudio ranges of monitors had been chosen by the BBC Radio and Music division and so if they had chosen some of the Dynaudio speakers then it would be worth seeing if they suited him too. You can read his review in full here.