Sonnox Community Award Winners For October, November & December 2014

02-02-2015 02:28 PM

Normally every month there is a chance to win a Pro Tools Expert Sonnox Community award, sponsored by our friends at Sonnox.
What is The Sonnox Community Award For?

As we have said on many occasions we aren’t the only Pro Tools Experts, it works best when we pull together as a community to help each other when and where we can. There are plenty of places on the web for trolls and negativity, if that’s your style then the Pro Tools Expert community may not be for you. Many of our members work hard to create a positive and supportive community of Pro Tools Experts and we think that kind of attitude should be recognised and encouraged. With all of that in mind we would like to reward those in the community who go the extra mile to help others. This award would go to the individual who in the judges opinion made the best contribution to the Pro Tools Expert community.
However we have managed to overlook making any awards recently so to catch up, we can announce the winners of the Sonnox Community Award for October, November & December 2014.
October 2014 Winner - William Whittman (Top Left)

From the Sonnox Elite Collection I would like to choose the Transient Modulator. Transient shaping is one of those newer tools that we managed to get by without for so many years, but not seems oddly indispensable. The ability to sometimes radically alter a drum’s attack and decay characteristics allows for creative choices that are outside the box of what exists in the real world; and that’s exciting. I’m always most excited by plug ins that do things the analogue world really can’t do (or at least not with the same flexibility and range) and Sonnox plug-ins always sound great; their Inflator is on almost every ITB mix I do.
November 2014 Winner - Owen Olir aka ‘Bornoir (Bottom Right)

Wow, I’m honored and thankful to both Sonnox and the Pro Tools Expert blog for the plug-in. As an EDM producer I choose the Sonnox Inflator because the clients I produce EDM for always request louder than loud yet want the highest quality and dynamics. The Inflator should be very good at keeping the quality high and make my music louder. I use Pro Tools and Logic for recording and producing. Both the PTE and LPE blogs have been valuable resources plus a great place to vent thoughts and communicate with others in the industry when time allows. Keep up the good work!!
December 2014 Winner - Rex Strother (Top Right)

As someone who gladly embraces the term ‘bedroom boy,’ I can’t say enough how much PTE has taught me (even me, a lowly hobbyist) and encouraged me to continue making music and improving my recording and mixing skills – sometimes with plug-in reviews, and sometimes with reminders that plug-ins aren’t the answer, education and time are.
In this case, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Sonnox Inflator. Ever since the PTE video review, I’ve had my eye on this one. I can’t wait to experience the highly-regarded Sonnox love on my future mixes. I work ITB and need all the magic I can get.
I had such a blast hanging and working with James Ivey and Martin Delaney (from Ableton Live Expert) whilst at the NAMM Show this year and I am honored you selected me for the Community Award – you guys work hard, play hard, and are a musical and technical inspiration every week.
Sonnox Inflator Is A Popular Choice

With both Rex and Owen asked for the Sonnox Inflator and William already using it a lot, so it is clearly a very valuable plug-in. If you would like to know more about the Sonnox Inflator plug-in, you can watch our Sonnox Inflator Show & Tell Review and also read how Inflator has its place in Pro Tools Post workflows as well.