Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Wildtrack, Detunized & Sonnis

02-01-2015 02:01 PM

London City Sounds From Wildtrack Sound Library

Alvaro de Iscar from Wildtrack Sound Library has released a sound effects library of London. What is really interesting is that he has used Double MS or somtimes called MSM to record this collection and then he has released the library in four formats. You can get it in stereo, Double MS, 5.1 or all three together with prices going from 46.80 Euros for the stereo to 106.80 for the complete version. Alvaro told us…
London City Sounds is our first project recorded in London exclusively during a 4 days visit in the city. Wildtrack Sound Library Team traveled to London just to record the main essence of this city! Parks, Ambiences, Traffic, Wallas, indoors crowds, buses, trains, stations and touristic places, all available right now in this huge library. There are more than 4:30 hours of original recordings and each ambience recorded in this library is at least 3-4 minutes long, so there is no need for looping ambience in your project!
Room Tones - Industrial Building from Detunized & Sonnis

This collection delivers atmospheric 4 channel ambiences gathered in an ’80s Industrial Building in the east of Dresden, Germany. The recordings took place on a stormy and rainy Sunday. Due to the blank surfaces inside the building, thin single-glass windows and large air shafts, the weather elements got massively amplified by walls and floors. Additionally the rain water pipes are placed inside the building added a constant sound of flowing water and the sound of the central heating was clearly perceptible throughout the entire building.
The library available at Sonnis contains 19 full HD scenes where each scene consists of 2 complementing stereo takes with enriched metadata. Each scene is more than 3 minutes long and are BWAV files recorded at 24bit / 96KHz and contain Soundminer compatible BWAV descriptions.
However there is also an Ableton Live Pack available from Detunized which contains 16 Instrument Racks and a Set with each of the included takes more than 2 minutes long.
All the tracks have been recorded with a 4 channel IRT cross that consists of 4 Sennheiser MKH8020 omnis spaced at 60 cm.