Sounds In Sync Release EdiLoad v3.2 With Exclusive Pro Tools Expert Offer 40% Discount - Just 336 For A Limited Period

02-01-2015 10:02 AM

EdiLoad v3.2

EdiLoad is the Sound Editor’s Edit List Toolkit. It conforms location audio, re-conforms Pro Tools sessions, imports edit data from Pro Tools sessions and exports a variety of files to aid the sound post-production process. EdiLoad v3 contains a new ‘Compare’ window which allows users to find the difference between vision lists and create a list of picture changes. This was previously performed using the EdiTrace website, however this new feature contains advanced VFX tracing controls to match updated visual fx shots. Watch our show & tell review to see how it could work for you.

What’s new in Ediload v3.2.0

  • New Streamers length options when exporting MIDI files
  • Option to export MIDI files with a Text Cue track
  • Changes and additional checks while exporting Offset Lists that display Feet+Frames
  • Compatible updates for OS X Mavericks and Yosemite
  • Compatible updates for Pro Tools 11+

What Was Added To EdiLoad in Version version 3

  • New Compare window to create a list of picture changes (see features above)
  • New Overview window to graphically show edit list changes
  • Export conform reference tracks now supports 29.97/23.976 EDL files
  • Support for loading 29.97/30 FPS drop frame EDLs
  • Edit lists in main window can now be saved as an ‘EdiLoad List’ file
  • Fixed overlapping clip bug while importing PTX session files
  • Disabled import of PTF session files
  • Extracts a roll name from clips names while importing Pro Tools session files
  • Offset Lists can now be created with Timecodes or Footages for 24 FPS lists
  • Deletes all files in sub-folders when overwriting a Pro Tools session during export
  • Updated messaging to workaround Pro Tools bugs while importing sessions created by EdiLoad

Free trial available

As with all software we always recommend you try it before you buy it Sounds In Sync have trial versions available in OS X (Intel) and Windows (Win7 32/64bit), the program provides the option to activate a three day trial license when first run.
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Here at Pro Tools Expert, on our Deals page we are able to offer EdiLoad v3 for £336 for a very limited period. So if you do any conforming or re-conforming then do check it out.