NAMM 2015: NTP Technology Release An X-Mon Replacement - DAD AX32 & DX32 Monitor Control Processor With Eucon 3 Support

01-27-2015 06:00 PM

At NAMM 2015, NTP Technology have released their X-Mon replacement solution. As an Avid Connectivity Partner NTP have produced a solution for monitor control for the S6, by taking monitor control to a new level and providing the functionality of both the Avid XMON and Studio Monitor Pro in one and the same platform with various I/O that will easy adapt to any Pro Tools HD, HDX or HD Native S6 based hardware environment.
Support Multi-channel including Dolby Atmos

This will enable music and post production facilities to benefit from interfacing to both analogue and digital domains with speaker formats from stereo, 5.1, 7.1 all the way up to 64 channels for Dolby Atmos.
NTP Technology’s solution is based on their hardware platform using both the DAD AX32 and the DAD DX32 converter and router matrix units. The flexible I/O platform and matrix functionality enables the DAD products to offer very flexible signal routing using all the interfaces of the unit, as well as summing processing with 256 inputs and 32 outputs.
The new Monitor Control Processor is configured and controlled via the DADman 4.2 software for both Windows and OS X, which has the support for the Avid EUCON 3 control protocol providing a complete operation from the S6 monitor control user interface as well as other EUCON 3 enabled control surfaces.
Highlights of the DAD AX32 and DX32 based monitor control processor

  • Flexible low latency router engine of the AX32 and DX32 platform providing a up-to 1024x1024 mono cross point matrix, and pristine DAD A/D and D/A converter interfaces providing unsurpassed sonic quality.
  • Assignable Functions for Main and Alternate speakers in any channel format layout for any speaker set, as well as for Monitors and Talkback.
  • Any number of signal sources corresponding to the available I/O can be assigned in any format and can be switched or summed to the selected speaker or monitor output, for easy signal source listening and summing of multiple Stems.
  • Folddown is available for down mixing surround and multichannel signals to any of the defined speaker or monitor output formats. More folddown functions can be defined for also providing user defined summing functions.
  • Fully assignable talkback control with summing, and configurable speaker cut or dim.
  • Control via EUCON 3 from AvidTM S6, S3, MC Pro, 5-MC and Artist
  • Built-in matrix for flexible routing and digital insert
  • Configurable for any audio format eg. mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 and 64 ch. multi channel
  • Pristine A/D and D/A conversion and optional mic pre, configurable up to 48 channels
  • Digital I/O via up to 3 MADI, 8 AES3, DanteTM and up to 16 3G SDI embedder/deembedders
  • Direct connection to Pro Tools HD / HDX / HD Native cards
  • Fixed max. 7 sample latency on all signal paths and 32 bit floating point summing processing

Click on the image to see a larger versionDAD Monitor System Pricing

Two dedicated bundles are available for the DAD monitor control. The AX32 with support for 8 ch. analogue DA outputs, 16 ch. AES/EBU I/O, 64 ch. MADI I/O and 64 ch. interface for Pro Tools HD, HDX and HD Native with a list price of 4.610 Euro.
The DX32 digital only unit with 16 ch. AES/EBU I/O, 64 ch. MADI I/O and 64 ch. interface for Pro Tools HD, HDX and HD Native with a list price of 3.130 Euro.