Tracks Freeze Confirmed As Pro Tools Feature On Avid Store

01-27-2015 12:56 PM

There’s been a lot of discussion around the recent Pro Tools 12 announcement, creating as many questions as answers, one in particular is the addition of track freeze. Whilst there have been implications of track freeze as an addition in Pro Tools 12 no one at Avid has explicitly said this. Even the new Pro Tools 12 Features page makes no mention of it.
Some users have said it comes as part of the cloud collaboration and that earlier demos of future Pro Tools features also indicated track freeze. However those early demos were technology previews and came with a very clear legal disclaimer that nothing was promised as features and would be confirmed at a later date.
However a recent addition to the Avid store page has a this line added (see image below) to the list entitled ‘Why Upgrade To Pro Tools 11’.
Last on that list it says ‘Enjoy track freeze and many more exciting new features coming throughout 2015’
So although this feature seems to have been alluded to in various demos, interviews and other sources, Avid seem now to have confirmed this in their own store.
Will it come in the first version of Pro Tools 12? Who knows, the text simply indicates it being a feature in 2015.