Universal Audio Apollo Console 2 New Features - The Complete List

01-25-2015 02:21 PM

Universal Audio have been working on on their new Console 2. For those wondering what you get then here is the complete list of 28 updates to the Apollo Console software.
Apollo 2 Console Updates - The Complete List

  1. 64 Bit Retina application in with new UI
  2. Channel Strip Window
  3. Channel Strip Presets
  4. Drag and drop plug-ins
  5. UAD Monitor/Record per channel
  6. Plug-in categories
  7. ALT monitoring with Trim (2 ALT Speakers)
  8. DIM control with trim
  9. Dynamic application resizing
  10. Undo for plug-in and preset parameters
  11. Plug-in audition assign
  12. Plug-in presets audition improvement
  13. Mulitple Appolos in a single session
  14. Flex Driver with routing and Core Audio renaming
  15. Open offline Apollo sessions from Apollo/16/Twin
  16. Meterbridge and navigation improvements
  17. Show/Hide any input or entire Apollo devices
  18. Show/Hide any plug-in in the console
  19. Show/Hide AUX channels
  20. Inputs sub-view for better Unison control
  21. Insert sub-view
  22. Sends sub-view
  23. plug-in macros for Copy/Paste/Remove/Power
  24. Tap Tempo for UAD plug-ins and MIDI supported
  25. Info section for Clock/Sample Rate and DSP
  26. 4 General purpose CUE buses for Apollo
  27. Headphone Matrix
  28. Fast channel rename with key commands

So that’s a nice list of updates, many asked for and some ones not expected.
What’s your favourite?