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    Post Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0 Announced - Video

    Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0 Announced - Video

    01-24-2015 08:33 PM

    Perhaps the most loved synth on the planet Spectrasonics Omnisphere is getting updated, rather than just a makeover this is an entirely under the hood change.
    Spectrasonics say:
    After many years of development, we are thrilled to announce that Omnisphere 2 is coming in 2015. This is the first v2.0 of any Spectrasonics instrument and it’s truly a gigantic one!
    It arrives April 30th, in the meantime watch this Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0 video here from Eric Persing.
    Features In Omnisphere 2.0

    Vast New Synthesis Possibilities:

    • Audio Import - Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere
    • Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator - an increase of 100X
    • Wavetable Synthesis - Each Waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable
    • Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm
    • Deeper FM/Ring Mod capabilities for aggressive timbres
    • 8 New Filter Types - New Power Filters, Vowel, Resonators
    • New Unison Drift models Analog Polysynth behavior
    • Expanded Modulation with new sources and many more targets
    • Polyphonic LFO and Modulation Envelope options
    • Soundsource Reversing

    Now includes over 10,000 sounds!

    • More than 3,000 New patches and soundsources from acclaimed Spectrasonics Sound Design Team
    • New Omnisphere EDM library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
    • New Exclusive Soundsources from Diego Stocco’s Custom Built Instruments
    • New category of Phrase-based Soundsources for granular synthesis
    • Hundreds of new Circuit Bent Soundsources
    • Many Innovative new Psychoacoustic Soundsources
    • New Melodic Cave Stalactites Soundsources
    • …and much, much more!

    New Interface:

    • Redesigned Wider User Interface with many improvements
    • New Show Modulation pane opens modulation routings/sources on left side
    • New Mini-Browser available at all times
    • Larger Full Browser Design

    Enhanced Browsing Experience:

    • Sound Match™ feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
    • Sound Lock™ allows endless useful variations by locking sound aspects while you browse
    • Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third party libraries
    • Greatly Improved sound organization system
    • Fast Progressive Loading allows rapid auditioning
    • Browse Patches by Mood
    • Expanded Genres
    • Browse by Oscillator type
    • Boolean search options

    New Arpeggiator Features:

    • Note transposition for step seq-style patterns
    • Arp pattern lock while browsing
    • Speed Offset control allows slow down/speed up effects
    • New modulation capabilities

    25 New FX Units:

    • Innerspace
    • Quad Resonator
    • Thriftshop Speaker
    • Classic Twin
    • Bassman
    • Hi-Wattage
    • Rock Stack
    • Brit-Vox
    • Boutique
    • San-Z-Amp
    • Stompbox Modeler
    • Metalzone Distortion
    • Toxic Smasher
    • Foxxy Fuzz
    • Analog Phaser
    • Analog Flanger
    • Analog Chorus
    • Analog Vibrato
    • Solina Ensemble
    • Vintage Tremolo
    • Envelope Filter
    • Crying Wah
    • Stomp-Comp
    • Precision Compressor
    • Studio 2-Band EQ

    Flexible New FX Features:

    • 16 FX units per patch
    • Full matrix modulation of every FX slot
    • New Aux FX rack per patch with Pre/Post fader sends
    • Hundreds of New FX Presets and Racks
    • Lock FX while browsing

    Improvements/Special Features:

    • Live Mode with key splits
    • Enhanced Orb with Attractor mode
    • Tweak Trilian Custom Controls Interface inside Omnisphere
    • Global Clock Speed (Halftime, Doubletime, etc)

    - and more!

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    The first Question which comes to my mind.
    How many TeraBytes is this "crap"?

    Proudly presented by OCP - Omni Consumer Products
    *HrHr* :twisted:
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    I have to say the Spectra stuff is solid. It is almost a go to for bass (Trilogy) and Omni is an atmosphere machine!

    But yeah, there should be some limit to the size lol, I bet this one will be a big one.

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    From my point of view, the Absynth is a even more solid and brilliant software from version 1 until today and not such a sample based cane. And sampling was always a cane from the early days* of mimic the real until today with E.G. the very good sampler software Kontakt. Now its all a pro pro cane...... I like sample based instruments when they are not as big as this but have a decent sound from one or a few instruments hmmmm E.G. such like Guitar Lab, Sax Lab, etc.
    Or just some free synthmaker stuff like a sitar, bag pipes or even fart sounds etc.

    I agree if you'll say it can make good sounds, but for me this is nothing special with such a huge lib, if you could manage the clipping and crackling of this ugly "rompler" (its some time ago, i've tested it and had such problems. May some updates are well enough to get rid of that).

    Thats all about Omnisphere 1 - may the second try bring some daylights..... And yes, for me it is also better than any ["AK" insert any big name here] big fat Piano lib. LoL

    Spectra instruments are for me like the groove agent 1 and 2 from Steinberg. Just some huge toys.....

    Nevertheless.... Its equal what one use - the result is counting..... Not that much the tools, a pro uses mostly pro tools like a pro car mechanic.... but art is something different than repairing a car.... lack of possibilities do also stimulate creativity and inventiveness**. But you can also make a hour of god ambient with Omnisphere even with Absynth and many other good VSTi by a press of "one" button.......

    In the 90s we made some AcidTechHouse Tapes with just Propellerheadz Rebirth and played it in the car at parties etc. and some ppl said to it, this must be a radio mix show from HR3 Clubnight (famous Radio show from FFM) LoL Just Rebirth. 2 TB 3O3, a TR 8O8 and TR 9O9 with 2 or 3 FX.... Fun for hours tweakin' the knobs, the sound and the mix while recording the session........

    * there I am talking about synth and sound design and not about the art of sampling (I think today its called mashup) like it starts in the early 80s

    ** do you know the feeling when you get lost in possibilities or endless sound presets / variations lists trying to find the best fit? May like get lost in sound and all the music fantasies on soundcloud "wasting time surfing the internet" like tB named it.

    I remember a name. SynClavier. May the omnisphere is more comparable with that.
    I also would recommend to have a test with the new wavetable synthies E.G. Steve Duda's Serum. Looks like much fun
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    OK. Now I was digging a bit deeper into the Omnisphere 2.0 and watched the Video from here and ATM I have to revise a bit my assumption about it. It looks like it really bring some daylight to this virtual instrument.

    But again. If I have a look at the requirements of this thing I renew my thinking, that this is a software for peoples with much money.

    • 2.4 GHz or higher processor
    • 4GB RAM minimum, 8GB or more recommended
    • Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
    • 50GB of free hard drive space

    This is for Omnisphere 1 - I can't find any information about the requirements of the V2, even not on the spectrasonics site LoL

    But OK. It seems that the V2 is more than a huge upgrade and it looks really interesting. But wait, what is this? Listen to the sound of the choir patch in this video at ~9:33 min.
    That's exactly that clipping and crackling I mentioned before and this is only at this point of the video and the guy is quickly changing the patch LOL
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    Onmisphere has a truly fabulous synth engine. It is probably possible to take a badger-fart of a sound and make it sound glorious by fiddling with the many options.

    I'm too old and too lazy to attempt to make much use of it tho'. Like many, I just use it for its preset string sounds and the occasional cheesy choir patch (from the original atmosphere). Oh and the basses from tril(ogy)ian.

    One day, when I have time, I'd like to spend a lifetime really exploring what that synth engine can really do. But not now I'm too busy.


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    Yeah. The new load function for own waveforms is great, i guess.
    Quote Originally Posted by theBadger View Post
    One day, when I have time, I'd like to spend a lifetime really exploring what that synth engine can really do.
    Nice idea tB

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