How Many Of The Top 25 Pro Tools IdeaScale Ideas Appear In Pro Tools 12?

01-23-2015 08:32 PM

When Pro Tools 10 was announced Avid proudly announced that many of the features found in Pro Tools 10 were those found in the top 10 Pro Tools IdeaScale most requested features.
For those unaware of Pro Tools IdeaScale, this was set up by Avid several years ago to gather user ideas for features they would like to see in Pro Tools. At the top of the Avid run site they say:
“Welcome to the Pro Tools IdeaScale User Forum - In this community you can submit an idea, vote on existing ideas or add your comments.”
However in recent years it seems that most of the suggestions made and the voting has been in vain, as right now it seems none of the top 25 ideas on the site have been implemented, they are certainly not mentioned in the product info for the upcoming Pro Tools 12. We may be wrong and find that track freeze may be part of the collaboration features, this is not clear from Avid’s own information on their website about Pro Tools 12. Even if this is the case then it still leaves 24 of the top 25 ignored.
As a matter of fact cloud collaboration, in app purchases and selling your content don’t feature in the top 25 of the list at all.
It seems that Pro Tools IdeaScale may be less effective at getting Avid to listen than the Pro Tools community would hope.