Pro Tools | First Software Frequently Asked Questions

01-23-2015 10:09 AM

For those wanting to know more about details about the new free version of Pro Tools - Pro Tools | First, here are Pro Tools | First Software Frequently Asked Questions.
Are there any hidden costs with Pro Tools | First?

Avid say that there are no there are no hidden costs and that you can download Pro Tools | First complete with Xpand!2 Virtual Instrument and 20 plug-ins Pro Tools | First compatible plug-ins.
What is missing in Pro Tools | First?

Avid say that “the software includes all of the same main recording and editing features as industry-standard Pro Tools, such as the Edit window, the MIDI Editor pane, the Mix window, and the Smart Tools. Some of the differences are that Pro Tools | First does not include the Score Editor or video playback in the timeline, and it has a simplified set of preferences. For a full comparison between the different versions of Pro Tools, see the Pro Tools Comparison table on the Avid web site”
Does Pro Tools | First require an iLok to use it?

Avid say that Pro Tools | First, and its included collection of compatible AAX plug-ins, do not require a physical iLok to use the software at all.
Can I co-install Pro Tools | First and the full version of Pro Tools?

Avid say that you can have both Pro Tools | First and any other version of Pro Tools installed on the same computer.
How many computers can I install Pro Tools | First on?

Although Avid say you do not need an iLok to use Pro Tools | First they say that once “you register and activate Pro Tools | First, you can activate it on up to three computers/iLoks. You do not need to have an iLok but one of the activations can be transferred to an iLok. You can deactivate from a computer/iLok to allow activation of another computer/iLok. You will be able to access your projects from any of these three activations.”

Do I have to be online and connected to my Avid Master Account to use Pro Tools | First?

Avid say “No you can work offline. The first time you log in to your Avid Master Account from Pro Tools | First you can start working on your first project. When you want to leave the project and logout, the project gets stored in the cloud. Next time, if you open Pro Tools | First on that same computer without logging in or without internet, your last project will open and you can continue working with a local project cache in the app. Next time you connect with the internet on that same computer and log in, your offline project work will sync up and store to the cloud.”
What is the session limit for Pro Tools | First?

Avid provides up to three free projects (songs) with Pro Tools | First in your Avid cloud account. Additional storage can be purchased from Avid Alternatively once you have completed a project you can delete it and use that space for a new one.
Can you open a standard Pro Tools session in Pro Tools | First?

No. You cannot open a regular Pro Tools session in Pro Tools | First or open a Pro Tools | First session in Pro Tools.

What options are there to save your mix?

Mixes can be saved in WAV format.
Can MP3s be created in Pro Tools | First?

No you will need a third party application to do this.
Does Pro Tools | First use regular AAX plug-ins?

No. Avid say “Plug-in bundles which include First in the name are specifically designed for use with Pro Tools | First and do not require an iLok. These plug-ins should download and automatically install, without needing to re-launch Pro Tools. Only plug-ins purchased through the Avid Marketplace with your Avid Master Account will work with Pro Tools | First. All other plug-ins will remain hidden and unavailable at launch.”