Avid To Announce Free Copy Of Pro Tools - Avid Pro Tools | First - NAMM 2015

01-22-2015 07:13 PM

We understand that Pro Tools | First will be a free copy of Pro Tools 12, with some limits and our sources tell us that it will be a cloud based too.
Pro Tools | First Has Been Along Time Coming

The last version of Pro Tools that was free was back in 2000 when Digidesign released v5.01 Free (pictured above) with these features..

  • Record and play up to 8 tracks of digital audio
  • Record and play up to 48 MIDI tracks
  • Use non-linear, random-access editing and mix automation
  • Process audio with up to 5 RTAS plug-ins per track, limited only by the capabilities of your computer
  • Use up to 5 inserts and 5 sends per track
  • Route up to 16 busses
  • Work with 16-bit or 24-bit sessions

Before that, in 1997 Digidesign released Pro Tools v3.4 on a CD-ROM as a promotional tool, in the days before demo periods, it was the only way of users trying Pro Tools for free. It was fully functional but limited to 16 tracks and Mike used it as his first laptop solution with a Digigram card that went in the expansion slot of his PowerBook 3400. Although it was designed to only work on some PowerMacs with some work it was possible to run it on a wider range of machines. But it soon become obsolete and faded away.
What Will Pro Tools | First Look Like?

There is no way Pro Tools | First will be an unlimited version but it understand it will be cloud based in some form, so what would make a reasonable free version?

  • What features would it have?
  • How many tracks?
  • Limited Plug-ins?

What would a version of Pro Tools look like that is completely free, and not bundled with any hardware.