Waves Announce Multitrack Recorder - Tracks Live

01-22-2015 04:05 PM

Click on this image to see a much bigger version of the Waves Tracks Live InterfaceWaves are aiming to rock the NAMM 2015 show with the release of Tracks Live. It would seem that from their partnership with DigiCo and their experience in live sound Waves have developed Tracks Live to make it as easy as possible to record the show.
Tracks Live has been designed to enable easy switching between stereo out and multi out modes, allowing you to toggle back and forth between recording and virtual soundcheck with the click of a button. The automatic multichannel re-routing engine also adapts to any changes you make on the fly.
Waves Tracks Live Highlights

  • ASIO/Core Audio-compatible and works with virtually any audio interface
  • PC and Mac-compatible
  • Record and play back hundreds of tracks
  • Supported sample rate of up to 192 kHz
  • File formats compatible with all popular DAWS
  • Automatic track routing configuration
  • Fast switching between recording and virtual soundcheck
  • Meter bridge view for easy monitoring
  • System lock (to protect against accidental key pressing)

There aren’t any details of pricing yet or configuraton examples yet but this does seem to be Waves almost but not quite breaking into the DAW market.