Using Sonnox Plug-ins With The Avid S3L-X Console As A Monitor Desk

01-20-2015 08:00 PM

Sonnox recently interviewed monitor engineer Jasen Hattams and he talked about touring with the Avid S3L-X system and how he uses Sonnox plug-ins to give performers a clear monitor feed on stage, especially as everyone is using in-ear monitoring, which makes stereo imaging very important, as everything is “inside your head”.
He uses 4 different Sonnox reverbs, the Sonnox Transmod on drums, the Oxford EQ especially on vocals together with the expander to help clean up the sound as well as the compressor and limiter to handle the loud stuff.
Watch the video for a lesson in transparency and how the S3 has reduced the load & footprint on tour and how he uses the Sonnox plug-ins so the performers don’t know they are there.