TC Electronic Introduces New Loudness Normalisation Plug-In With Stand-Alone Capability

01-20-2015 06:00 PM

TC Electronic have added the LCn Loudness Correct plug-in and stand alone application to their arsenal of loudness related tools. It will function either as a Pro Tools plug-in or as a stand-alone version with watch folder capability for automatic batch-normalisation of multiple audio files. LCn is also available in stereo or 5.1 surround models - LC2n and LC6n respectively.
Hit The Mark

Needing to hit the right loudness target is more and more important these days whether the delivery platform is HDTV, Mobile TV, podcast, radio, iTunes, Spotify, etc. LCn is designed to make this as easy as clicking a button or dragging a file to a folder. The plug-in version allows Pro Tools users to apply faster-than-real-time, two-pass, off-line processing from within their host, while the stand-alone version runs on PC and Mac.
Watch The Folder – Watch The Light

A key part of the stand-alone version of LCn is the dedicated watch folder capability that allows users to simply drag and drop their audio files into a user-defined target folder for fast and easy loudness normalisation and true peak limiting. The new, normalised files will automatically be created in another user-defined destination folder, and the application can be set to automatically delete the original files or keep them in the watch folder. Users may even paste multiple audio files into the watch folder, making the LCn a highly efficient loudness batch processor.

Another practical feature is the “traffic light” indicators to quickly see whether or not a file is compliant with the standard chosen.

Finally, the watch folder feature also works across a networked system, so users could install it on a central server and simply drag their audio files to it from any computer on the network.
Mastering Quality True Peak Limiter Included

True peak limiting is an essential part of normalising to loudness and their Brickwall 2 True Peak Limiter is an integrated part of LCn – complete with various true peak limiter profiles and linking functionality.

For broadcasters who deliver to multiple platforms such as HD TV and Mobile TV, it is essential to be able to hit two very different loudness targets – typically -23/-24 LUFS and -16 LUFS. In that process a true peak limiter is absolutely key and with Brickwall 2 handling the peaks, audio quality is kept at its finest regardless of the delivery platform.
S-Max and Loudness

LCn takes the very latest revision of the EBU R128 standard into consideration by adding a ‘Short-Term Max Limit’ feature that the user can choose to activate. This Short Term maximum has only just been added to the R128 spec and is in response to the need to limit the maximum short term loudness for short form content like adverts and trailers.

With the new LCn, it is now possible to hit the loudness target and at the same time comply with the new S-Max goals of the EBU R128-2014 revision.
LCn Pricing

LC2n - $299
LC6n - $699