Review: Trinnov Room Analysis & Optimisation Solution - Part 3

01-19-2015 08:00 PM

In this the final video Neil, Mike and Paul talk about the results of the tests and just how good Mike’s room now sounds. They also discuss pricing and options for installing Trinnov systems.
World Exclusive Announcement

Paul gives Pro Tools Expert an exclusive “You heard it here first” announcement about a new Trinnov product being launched at NAMM 2015. Watch the video to find out what it is….
About Trinnov Products

Sound engineers now have to deal with multiple formats and complex mixes that need to be fully compliant with changing industry recommendations. In addition, content must translate seamlessly for a majority of listeners, on various and disparate set top boxes and audio devices.
High performance monitoring is therefore critical but still remains very expensive considering all the different equipment and expertise required to be achieved.
Trinnov Audio Integrated Monitoring Solutions answer this need by gathering speaker processor capabilities, monitor management, editable downmix matrix, dynamic range control, acoustic analysis, loudspeaker/room optimization as well as EBU R128 compliant metering in a single device.