Which Is the Best VO Mic? - The Pro Tools Expert Voiceover Microphone Shoot Out Part 2 - The Results

01-19-2015 11:00 AM

Following on from our previous posts we presented a second set blind listening tests with a selection of boutique and higher end mics courtesy of KMR Audio and here are the results.
As before, we chose to use the Neumann U87 as the named reference mic. For each microphone there was an example of male and female voice for you to listen to and compare with the U87 and we asked you which one you preferred.
The Results - Andrew The Male Voiceover

Mic P Brauner VMA p2 36.00%
Mic T Manley Reference 15.00%
Mic L AEA KU4 10.0%
Mic R MicroTech Gefell UM900 10.0%
Mic O Brauner VMA p1 9.00%
Mic M sE Electronics Gemini II 6.00%
Mic Q Pelusso 2247LE 6.00%
Mic S Josephson C715 4.00%
Mic N Sontronics Aria 2.00%
So the winner on Andrew’s voice was the Brauner VMA on settings 2.
The Results - Posy The Female Voiceover

Mic T Manley Reference 33.00%
Mic P Brauner VMA p2 22.00%
Mic R MicroTech Gefell UM900 9.00%
Mic S Joesphson C715 9.00%
Mic O Brauner VMA p1 7.00%
Mic M sE Electronics Gemini II 6.00%
Mic N Sontronics Aria 6.00%
Mic Q Pelusso 2247LE 6.00%
Mic L AEA KU4 2.00%
So the winner on Posy’s voice was the Manley Reference with the Brauner VMA in second place, so the overall winner is the Brauner VMA on setting 2.
Where there any surprises in there for you? Did you expect a mic to do well that didn’t? Or was there a mic that did badly that you expected to do well?
The Clips

The Pro Tools Expert VO Mic Blind Listening Test - The Pro Tools Super Session

To make auditioning easier now the cat is completely out of the bag, we have released the complete Pro Tools super session from both batches of tests. This is the original 24 bit 48Khz session mastered to -23 LUFS with a playlist per microphone. If you are in the market for a voiceover mic, why not take the time to download this session and study all the mics and decide for yourself.
Download the PTE VO MIC Super Test Session here

Thank you again to Andrew Bickenell and Posy Brewer our professional voice artists for their dulcet tones and to Richmond Film Services and KMR Audio for the loan of the microphones for these tests.