Review: Trinnov Room Analysis & Optimisation Solution - Part 2

01-18-2015 08:00 PM

In part 2 of this show and tell review of the Trinnov monitoring solution, James, Neil and Mike Aiton find out more about the deeper operations and benefits of the Trinnov system.
The Optimizer software includes a professional acoustic and speaker measurement system that handles true multipoint analysis. A detailed acoustic report is generated and displayed in a flexible interface that helps users highlight relevant information.
Once measurements are made, the Optimizer only takes a few seconds to compute the automatic compensation, no matter how complex the system layout is.
Far from the old-fashioned real-time analysis and 1/3rd octave correction methods, the Optimizer uses a combination of modern techniques to generate complex sets of digital filters and achieve the best loudspeaker/room compensation possible. While the room and the loudspeakers need to be analysed and eventually treated separately by most technologies on the market, the Optimizer considers and addresses every aspect of the reproduction system in its acoustic environment at once. Problems are identified, cross-analysed and compensated with the most efficient and best-sounding compromise.