Sound Effects Sunday Round Up - How I Work, Chuck Russom FX, Boom Library SFX, SoundBits

01-18-2015 11:00 AM

As promised, Sound Effects Sunday Round Up is back, so lets see what we have this week….
“How I Work” Sound Designer Interview Series Released

Pro Sound Effects has released the first three sound designer interviews in their “How I Work” Series, which asks sound designers in film, video games, and advertising what inspires them and what tools help them to get their work done day by day.

Chuck Russom FX - Guns: Volumes 2 & Guns: Compete Now Available

The second half of Chuck’s gun sound collection is now available. Guns: Volume 2 features over 4GB of multi-channel recordings from 12 all-new weapons.

But there is more, also available now is Guns: Complete, includes all of the weapons from Volume 1 and Volume 2 as well as 3 exclusive bonus weapons for 27 total guns and over 10GB of recordings!
You can find more details on Chuck’s site here.
Boom Library SFX - Debris

Debris is full of acoustic avalanches such as the falling, breaking, tearing, rumbling, rattling, clattering of glass, dirt, foam, gravel, metal, paper, plastic, porcelain, rocks, sand, wood, trash and more – both single and combined recordings!

Over 7 GB and 1.800 files of high-quality sound recordings await your creative design. What’s more the Debris collection comprises two parts: a Construction Kit ($149) with raw, high-quality source recordings and a Designed version ($99) with ready-to-use sounds or you can buy the bundle for $199.
SoundBits - Just Metal

SoundBits have released Just Metal - 2 collections of all things metal that you buy separately or as a bundle.
Just Metal - Scrapes & Scratches which is describes as a collection of harsh, unharmonic, nasty metal scrapes, scratches, slides and grinds. From short, high emphasis scratches to long and heavy metal scrapes.
Just Metal - Squeaks & Moans and in this collection you find tons of nasty metal squeaks, squeals, moans, slides. From subtle, soft squeaks and harsh, brutal metal shrieks to long and deep metal moans.
However the new EU VAT regulation mean that you can no longer buy SoundBit effects from their own store, but the good news is you can buy them from A Sound Effect, Wildtrack Sound Library, or Sonniss and there is 20% off just now if you use this coupon SOUNDBITS20OFF on Sonniss.