Review: Trinnov Room Analysis & Optimisation Solution - Part 1

01-17-2015 08:00 PM

In this video Mike Aiton talks to Paul Mortimer from Emerging about the Trinnov room analysis solution. Watch and lean how this amazing system works to make you listening experience perfect. In this, part 1 of Paul explains what Trinnov does and how.
The acoustics of a room affects the sound that you hear coming from your speakers which in turn affects the way you manipulate your mix. Traditional methods of acoustic treatment will help to control this but there are still artifacts that cannot be corrected by acoustics alone. Trinnov Audio have developed a range of stereo and surround Optimizers using the latest DSP real time processing that will improve the accuracy of your room through your speaker system.
The room’s problems have been identified, and are taken into account while recording or mixing. But as long as the room’s acoustics are distorting the mix, how will it translate in other rooms?
Trinnov has applied the results of breakthrough research in the area of loudspeaker/room acoustics to create a new generation of loudspeaker processors, setting a new benchmark for accurate sound reproduction. The Trinnov Optimizer takes mix translation to the next level.