Maggot Software Undergoes A Metamorphosis Into The Cargo Cult

01-15-2015 08:00 PM

Maggot Software has announced that it’s software development and publishing business is to be rebranded and so Maggot Software becomes The Cargo Cult. After 10 years the Maggot brand has undergone a metamorphosis, emerging with a new image to represent it’s popular sound post production tools.
CAS Nominated For Technical Achievement Award

It is also great to see that The Cargo Cult, formerly Maggot Software has deservedally been nominated for a CAS Technical Achievement Award for it’s Spanner surround panner.
As part of the rebranding process The Cargo Cult has launched a new website, revised it’s pricing structure and released new versions of it’s Spanner plugin and Spancontrol iPad app.
We also understand that there will be some new software offerings for 2015, and in addition The Cargo Cult has started a series of user profiles, including interviews with key players in the sound post-production industry. Owner and Developer Justin Webster told us…
I am committed to maintaining the high level of support users have enjoyed under Maggot, while focussing intently on smart, user oriented design with the new tools in development now.
What software would you like to see from Justin at The Cargo Cult?