Source Elements Announce Their Audio Patch App Source-Nexus Is Now Compatible With Mac OS X Yosemite

01-15-2015 06:00 PM

Source Elements have announced that their audio patch application, Source-Nexus, is now ready to work with Apple’s current operating system Yosemite.
What Is Source-Nexus?

Source-Nexus is a 24-channel audio application router for Mac OSX where you can record remote voiceovers from Source-Connect or Source-Connect Now directly into Pro Tools or your favourite DAW, even patch Pro Tools to and from Nuendo for example.
You can now “patch in” any software such as synths, noise reductors, phone applications, metering, encoders, decoders, external processors, other audio workstations, video editors, even a browser web page!
In Pro Tools, Source-Nexus allows PT users to directly integrate virtually any application without using external cables using the AAX plug-in, and allows all CoreAudio audio applications to record and be recorded from your Pro Tools timeline.
If you are a voice over artist, with Source-Nexus you can consolidate all your various communication systems and external apps into one Pro Tools template.
Musicians and composers and route your standalone synths and VIs into Pro Tools directly without requiring additional cables.
Watch our free tutorial where Russ shows how to set up Source-Nexus in Pro Tools
But I Don’t Need 24 Channels

That is why Source Elements also have Source-Nexus Basic for just $125 which will enable to link up everything in stereo or mono.
Free Source-Nexus Driver

Source Elements have also released a free version that will link up apps but doesn’t have the plug-in to enable you to bring in audio to your favourite DAW.