Nugen Audio Announce 3 New Plug-in Audio Toolkit Bundles

01-15-2015 10:00 AM

Nugen Audio have built up a broad range of tools for broadcast, post and music production and following on from the success of the Stereo Pack they have decided to produce three more bundles of their plug-ins, the Producer Pack, Master Pack and Mix Tools. Jon Schorah, founder and creative director of Nugen Audio told us…..
We recognise the need to make customised solutions according to our clients’ requirements for each aspect of their production process. Last year we launched Stereo Pack, a highly accessible and configurable toolset for stereo image enhancement. These new toolsets are unique solutions designed to encompass a much wider range of applications for music industry professionals and they incorporate our recently introduced plug-ins — MasterCheck SEQ-S and the latest version of Visualizer.
7 Plug-ins Make Up The Producer Pack

Visualizer, providing indispensable audio analysis for audio production with a set of tools managed via a unique, intelligent window. Watch our show & tell video review of the new version of the Visualizer.
ISL, a true-peak limiter that enables audio engineers to listen to true-peak-compliant audio “in place” without needing to check louder sections separately for traditional limiter artifacts and true-peak compliance. Read our review of the ISL and find out why true-peak limiting is so important.
SEQ-S, a new and powerful EQ for sonic sculpting and EQ matching up to 7.1, with linear phase technology that delivers transparency without phase smearing and provides sharp transients.
MasterCheck, a new tool from Nugen Audio that demystifies loudness-normalised playout on streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify. MasterCheck enables producers to mix and master music utilising maximum dynamic range for each streaming platform. Watch our show and tell video review of Nugen Audio’s MasterCheck and see how it can help you.
Stereoizer, offering a full range of stereo image enhancement capabilities, from gentle width adjustments to huge dynamic ambiences. Stereoizer offers full mono compatibility without unwanted artifacts. Stereoplacer, delivering pan control for the 21st century.
Stereoplacer allows frequency-specific stereo placement using unique stereo-positioning technology, offering precise control that is not available within a traditional mix setup.
Monofilter, a low-frequency management tool that enables producers to sharpen and define their bass to provide the foundation for real power and definition. Watch our show and tell video review of the Stereo Pack which is made up of the Stereoizer, Stereoplacer and Monofilter plug-ins.
5 plug-ins In The Master Pack

The Masterpack is made up of the Visualizer, ISL, MasterCheck, Stereoplacer, and Monofilter plug-ins and is aimed specifically at the needs of mastering engineers. Master Pack brings functionality including low frequency management, stereo correction, limiting, and a full suite of audio analysis tools and playout delivery tools.
3 Plug-ins Make Up Mix Tools

Mix Tools includes Stereoizer, Monofilter, and Visualizer for stereo image enhancement, bass management, and audio analysis. Mix Tools offers mix engineers control, sonic enhancement, and diagnostic support at any stage of the production process.