Top Tech Blog Call Neil Young's Pono Player 'Junk Science' And Say Don't Buy It

01-14-2015 07:08 PM

Any audio professional worth their salt must want their carefully produced and mixed tracks to sound as good as they can to the consumer, this is what has been driving Neil Young’s Pono project. However top tech blog Gizmodo has described it as ‘junk science’ and advised people not to buy it.
They write;
Neil Young’s “high resolution” PonoPlayer goes on sale for $400 today. You shouldn’t buy it. The recalcitrant rocker isn’t wrong for wanting to reclaim audio quality in the digital age, but in the service of that goal he’s peddling junk science, and supporting expensive gear and music files you don’t need.
In the article entitled “Don’t Buy What Neil Young Is Selling” they take some time to debunk the Pono player and close with this;
Neil Young’s heart might be in the right place. Unfortunately, he’s put his considerable connections and resources behind a tone-deaf movement.
Do you agree with this harsh assessment or do you think Neil Young has got it right?
Source: Gizmodo