Exclusive Pro Tool 11 Image Shows Extent Of Changes In Audio Engine

05-26-2013 10:02 AM

Pro Tools 11 preview events are starting to take place around the world and Pro Tools Expert have obtained an exclusive shot of the new Pro Tools 11 playback engine dialogue window, which shows the extent of the changes to the audio engine from the user side.
On the left is the dialogue windows for the DAE playback engine from a copy of Pro Tools 10 for Mac and on the right the dialogue window for the AAE for Pro Tools 11. (click to enlarge)
Immediately one can see how simplified the dialogue has become with no more setting up with host processors, CPU% limits, delay compensation or even the plug-in streaming buffer. This would indicate that the new improved AAE is doing a lot of that work for the user. This is a welcome change as for many usrs setting this up was somewhat of a dark art. You can also see from the image that there is now a feature to enable or disable the video engine.
We look forward to Pro Tools 11 arrival soon.
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