PSP Announce PSP 2Meters VU & PPM Metering plug-in

05-25-2013 06:58 PM

The guys from PSP, all the way form sunny Poland, have released PSP 2Meters, a great little metering plug-in bundle of two plug-ins, one for VUs and the other a PPM meter. This will especially please broadcast users here in the UK and Europe that use the BBC PPM or a variant of it. PSP VU2 offers VU metering with overload indicators. PSP PPM2 provides professional European and BBC PPM metering with accurate overload indicators. All of their parameters, such as integration times and reference levels, are adjustable.
When we get to the price the news just gets better. The normal price will be $14.90 but until 1st June 2013 they are offering it at $9.90 which makes it a complete no brainer. The hardware PPM meters cost around £500 to £700 depending on what form factor you get so this is a stunning deal.
My only concern is now it will look on the screen. I am normally not a fan of moving needle metering on a screen but with recent developments on screen design might well resolve these concerns. There is a fully operational 14 days demo is now available on our download page so you can try it out.
It is available in AU, VST, RTAS and AAX formats for both Mac & PC, so they have covered all bases here too. This will be great for non HD users who currently aren’t getting all the metering profiles with Pro Tools 11.