Results Of The Shoot Out Between Audient ASP880 And Universal Audio 4-710D

01-05-2015 06:00 PM

We recently posted a shootout in response to the question “which pre-amp is better - the Audient ASP880 or the Universal Audio 4-710D. Our answer is that they are different, and so we posted some examples of an electric guitar recorded through both pre-amps, one of them is the Audient ASP880 , one is the transistor stage of the 4-710D, one the tube stage and one the blend of both from the 4-710D.
The Results

We invited you to have a listen and tell us which one you prefer.

  1. ASP880
  2. 4-710D transistor stage
  3. 4-710D blended 50/50
  4. 4-710D Tube stage

The results from the poll are as follows…

  • ASP880 - 35%
  • 4-710D transistor stage - 19%
  • 4-710D blended 50/50 - 25%
  • 4-710D Tube stage - 21%

Listen To The Audio Examples Again