More End Of Year Deals Ending Very Soon: FabFilter, Softube, Foley Collection, TC Electronic

12-30-2014 04:27 PM

Here are some more deals that end very soon that we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on.
FabFilter - 25% Discount On Bundles

FabFilter are offering 25% off their bundles until January 1st 2015. For example their Total Bundle is now $794 inc vat. Existing owners may also find some special offers when you log int your account.
Softube - 50% Discount On Plug-ins

Softube’s holiday sale includes 50% of nearly all their plug-ins, there are just a coiple of exceptions like the recently released Amp and Bass Amp for the Reason Rack Extensions. Other than those, enjoy 50% off until January 7th 2015.
Foley Collection - 25% Discount

Foley Collection are offering 25% off all their products until tomorrow. If you are interested in a different way of doing foley then check out what they have to offer.
TC Electronic - 75% Off TDM Plug-ins

If you have decided to stick with Pro Tools 9 or 10HD then check out the TDM plug-ins from TC Electronic. They have cut the price of their TDM plug-ins like UnWrap and Harmony4. For users of the old TDM Pro Tools HD hardware there are some great bargains to be had.