5 Things Every Studio Can't Afford To Be Without

12-30-2014 02:00 PM

We spend so much time getting our studios in shape and filling them with amazing gear, but don’t overlook the list below, it may cost you everything.
Good Security

Studio locations are often not in the best parts of town, some are in converted warehouses or even if you have the opportunity of a barn conversion, it may be in the middle of nowhere. Don’t let some scumbag steal your gear and your livelihood; make sure you invest in good door and window locks and a good alarm that is linked to either the police station or your security firm. Most insurance companies will demand it and for those that don’t, it will reduce your premiums.
Proper Insurance

Get good insurance cover, in fact cheap off the shelf insurance cover can sometimes be worse than none at all, as it leads us into a false sense of security. Insurance companies are always looking for ways NOT to pay out on claims, make sure you have yourself covered.
Reliable Gear

Make sure you keep your gear in good order, make time to give everything you rely on a health check at least once a month. A crackling pot, crashing computer or bad lead can bring a session to a halt and it certainly won’t get you a good reputation.
Reliable Staff

Good staff are worth their weight in gold, listen to the story of many top producers and engineers and they, more often than not, were once the tea boy. Their reliability saved the day on an important session. Find good people, invest in their training and development and then watch your studio flourish.
A War Chest

Things go wrong, stuff breaks, floods happen, break-ins occur, people get sick. Try and build up some funds to ensure you don’t have to get into debt when (not if) things go wrong.

Remember, even if you just have a studio at home that all the above apply. So, not the sexiest list we’ve produced, but perhaps the most important.